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Rick Rebeor serves all your Central New York security needs as the Valley LocksmithValley Locksmith Rick Rebeor provides your lock solutions in person, usually the same day you call, so you know you're getting dedicated, professional service. And just one call will answer all your lock-related questions. As a professional locksmith, Rick can handle car lockout emergencies, fix old locks and install new lock systems in commercial settings and residential homes. He can also fix your installation mistakes!

Over 20 years in law enforcement plus extensive professional training makes Valley Locksmith uniquely qualified to answer your security needs. Are you always losing keys? Keyless entry saves money with the ability to easily change access codes, saving rekeying charges. For businesses, consider whether it's time to discuss a security upgrade. List all your possible problems and Valley Locksmith will be happy to stop by with all the answers!

Valley Locksmith has the best locks and safes in Central New York tailored to your needs

Valley Locksmith also serves: banks and credit unions; nonprofits and clubs (Elks, VFW, etc); religious institutions; industries and manufacturing companies; residences and apartment complexes; commercial businesses; store owners; contractors; realtors and more.
LOCK IN your security with a professional!

Valley Locksmith in Central New York accepts major credit cards