Commercial Services

A registered safe technician, Valley Locksmith Rick Rebeor provides full service for your business.

Whether a large corporation, industrial plant, or a small home office, Valley Locksmith provides all types of commercial business security lock services. In addition to safe services and lockouts, we will rekey, replace, or install new:

Valley Locksmith provides all lock services in Central New York

  • Master key systems
  • Door locks, lock sets, deadbolts and hardware
  • Desk and filing cabinet locks
  • Interchangeable core locks
  • "Panic door" systems
  • Door closing mechanisms
  • Grades 1 & 2 leversets and deadbolts
  • Safe deposit boxes opened, locks replaced, keys duplicated
  • All other types of keys duplicated
  • Storefront door locks installed
  • Aluminum storefront exit devices installed
  • Electronic keypad and keyless entry with stand-alone access control

Expanded Safe Services

Visit Valley Locksmith for all your Central New York safe needsCall before a major problem occurs!

   √   Is your safe dial not working properly?
   √   Not unlocking / opening every time you dial the combination?
   √   Is the dial loose, hard to turn or sloppy when you dial the combination?
   √   Does the handle just not feel right when you open the safe door?
   √   Have you lost the combination to your safe?
   √   Do you need your combination changed? Too many people have access?

If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions, it is time to have the safe serviced by a trained professional. 

When was the last time you had the safe lock serviced? To ensure security it should be done at least once a year. Don’t wait until you can’t get it open! The cost to open a safe will be far greater than having it serviced before the lockout occurs.

Of course if you can’t get it unlocked, call Valley Locksmith for the equipment and knowledge to open the safe with minimal damage. When properly repaired there will be no visible signs of damage. 

Valey Locksmith Rick Rebeor is a certified journeyman safecracker in Central New York

Certified Journeyman Safecracker

Valley Locksmith Rick Rebeor is accredited by the National Safeman’s Organization, one of North America's largest organizations of safe and vault technicians, after successfully passing the second of three levels of examinations demonstrating expert abilities in this field.

Also a member of the Safe & Vault Technicians Association, Rick Rebeor is ready to solve your safe, vault and other commercial security concerns in Central New York. Valley Locksmith provides: Safe combination changes, installation of electronic safe locks and combination safe locks.

Valley Locksmith also serves: banks and credit unions; nonprofits and clubs (Elks, VFW, etc); religious institutions; industries and manufacturing companies; residences and apartment complexes; commercial businesses; store owners; contractors; realtors and more.
LOCK IN your security with a professional!

Valley Locksmith in Central New York accepts major credit cards