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Valley Locksmith has the experience to recommend the right type of security container to solve your needs.

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Valley Locksmith provides your safe services, usually the same day you call, so you know your safe contents will be secure.

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I am Rick Rebeor, the owner and technician at Valley Locksmith. I am a Certified Journeyman Safecracker and Registered Safe Technician. I am accredited by the National Safeman’s Organization, one of North America’s largest organizations of safe and vault technicians. I am also a member of the Safe & Vault Technicians Association.

 I am ready to solve your safe purchasing concerns and provide safe services quickly and professionally to help keep your belongings secure.

Combination Changes

Not sure who has your safe combination? I can change that for you! As a Registered Safe Technician, I can take care of reprogramming or manually changing your combination to put you back in control of your belongings.

Key Duplication

Safes have keys for a variety of reasons. Some have them as emergency overrides. Other types of safes have key locking dials. Safe Deposit Boxes use dual key control to keep your contents safe. Whatever the type of safe key you have, I can duplicate them.

Electronic Locks

Is turning the mechanical dial on your safe becoming cumbersome? Do you want a quicker way to access your valuables? An Electronic Lock may be the solution you are looking for! They are battery operated, reliable and have additional features that mechanical safe locks can not!

Safe Service

People think it's just them when it takes a few tries to get their safe dialed open. But it could be a number of issues that may be leading to a lockout.

Manufacturers recommend having your safe serviced annually so that expensive lockouts don't occur.

As a Registered Safe Technician , I can provide professional safe service to a wide variety of safe containers.

Safe Openings

Well, it happened. You're locked out of your safe. Sometimes things just fail but very rarely at an opportune time.

Whether your safe is locked up because of wear and tear or an unfortunate result of a botched burglary.

As a Certified Journeyman Safecracker, I can provide the repairs necessary to get your safe open, repaired and back to working order.

Safe Sales

I understand that there are many options when it comes to choosing a safe for your home or business.

With my help, you won’t have to worry about finding all those options on your own. I will work with you during the safe sales process to select just what you need.

I also provide local delivery, and installation of your new safe if you need it!

Safe Deposit Box Opening and Repair

I opens, repair and replace Safe Deposit Locks for commercial clients, banks and credit unions. I can also duplicate or originate keys for your clients.

Members of:

registered safe technician, certified journeyman safecracker
Safe and Vault Technicians Association SR13309

We have a question for you

  • Is your safe dial not working properly?
  • Not unlocking / opening every time you dial the combination?
  • Is the dial loose, hard to turn or sloppy when you dial the combination?
  • Does the handle just not feel right when you open the safe door?

Did you answer YES to any of these questions?

Then it is time to schedule a safe service call! These are all signs of your safe lock starting to fail which, if left in disrepair, will lead to a safe lockout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure. Valley Locksmith carries restricted keys marked "Do Not Duplicate," that require authorization and cannot be copied at the hardware store.

Request Service

Yes. As a mobile technician I can cut most keys right at your site.

Request Service

 I can rekey existing locks or install more secure locks for any change in home or business. You never know who may have keys to the old locks. I supply a variety of hardware for both residential and commercial uses.

Request Service

I am happy to provide free evaluations and estimates for both commercial and residential clients.

No. Buying a lock in a shop based on price usually means poor quality although it may look nice on the outside. Chances are it's insecure or the wrong type, not able to be fitted, and then there's the hassle of trying to return it.

As a professional locksmith I have the skills and training in lock, safe and security work and I have the experience to solve the security issues unique to your particular situation. I belong to an approved professional security organization and adhere to a strict code of ethics to protect your security information. I am also bonded and insured. I provide state-of-the-art products and effective, efficient solutions.